Corporate Sports

The Saran Corporate Sports Series serve as an extension of every participant's childhood - the thrill and zest of competitive sport! The end of school or college education usually also marks the unfortunate end of games and sports on the field. The invigorating competition of youth on the playground is replaced by stressful business and job-related tensions.

SARAN PRESENTS attempts to bring back that lost patch of childhood - the thrilling tension of facing organized sports competition, the determination to cut through the dense tangle of 'quarters' and 'semis' right through to the top, the sheer delight of strategic planning as a strong, unified team. All the fun and excitement of youthful sport wrapped around a core of strict rule adherence, self-discipline and classic sporting spirit. Years of experience have helped in honing the structure of tournament rules to best suit the capabilities of participants in this 'executive' stage of their lives. Even so, for all sporting and fun-filled ambience, a high degree of discipline is constantly maintained vis-à-vis strict adherence to laid-down rules, neutral umpiring and refereeing, the insistence upon an appropriate dress code while on the field or court etc.

So such then, is the care, effort and continuous improvement that we constantly endeavor to put into our events. After all, it’s not for nothing that we wish our events to be EVENTS WORTH WAITING FOR!

Type of corporate sports events:

Encounters of the corporate kind - inter corporate sports championships

These are championships which determine the Champions in various sports. These are events which are very well respected in industry and the corporate executives look forward to participating in them.

Corporate PR Sports

When you need to stay in touch with your clients and are in search of idea's to achieve this objective, then sports is your answer. Rather than a mundane dinner or cocktail or a boring brunch which would be forgotten almost in a jiffy, sports is the ideal and informal platform for you to achieve your object of getting closer to your clients. Right from the time of conceiving the event to suit your specific needs and requirements, organizing a suitable venue, the catering aspect, the playing kit, the trophies, the officials and many other intricate point which you cannot even imagine), it is our responsibility and headache.

Corporate Team Building

It is always every HR Managers biggest headache to ensure that they keep their GREATEST ASSET - Their EMPLOYEES in good cheer. Sport is the most appropriate prescription for them to do so. A game of cricket or soccer or bowling breaks all these barriers which exist at various levels in the organization under one roof. It is a terrific bonding exercise and it acts as a great leveler. So an in-house sports championship or a group championship (whereby different companies in a particular group compete with each other) provides them a better platform to understand each other better.