Why Saran Sports

Why Sports?

  • Sports serve as a great bonding exercise and develop team work.
  • Develops great camaraderie and acts as a great leveler.
  • Opportunity to network with your clients in a relaxed environment.
  • Stress free forum away from pressures of workplace in a relaxed environment.
  • Sports Events act as a platform which provides a great carnival atmosphere which encourages office colleagues and family members to accompany the players to the venue.
  • A sport is a great leveler and a motivational tool.
  • Identify qualities of your employee which were not known in office.
  • Energizes the organisation and starts the process for them to start selections, training sessions, etc which leads to better harmony within the organisation.

Why Saran Sports?

  • Restricted only to company employees belonging to the management cadre and not fresher.
  • Championships open only to amateur participants and professionals are not permitted (No state level or India players permitted) which ensures level playing fields.
  • Strict screening to ensure that companies who employ professionals sportsmen do not participate.
  • Championship formats structured with a view to ensure that the games are fun and enjoyable.
  • Quality venues and locations.
  • Only weekend events with great flexibility to ensure that working schedules are not interrupted.
  • Impressive track record of execution and continuity.
  • We deliver more than we promise.
  • Responsive to the needs and requirements of the clients.
  • Gear is provided so companies need not invest in the same.